Light is the most important element in photography as photography is writing with light.

I always wondered why so many photographers are obsessed by their camera system and lenses, more than 'digging' into the light gear. Things should not become an obsession, but I am willing to go on the quest for the right light for the right subject.

I used to work with a rather comprehensive studio flash set: Multiblitz 3200 J generators, Multiblitz 1000 J mono blocks and a ton of different flash heads.

Now LED lights free me from these heavy weight generators. The wonderful ROSCO LitePad Gaffer's kit, consisting of six pairs of different light sources, came as a valuable and flexible substitute.

Then I realized that digital photography was much more 'pleased' with continuous lightning, leading to a much more broadened dynamic range and colour palette.

I do not reject flashlight, certainly not, but both systems have their own rights and place in my workflow.

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