A wonderful time travel through one of the oldest neighborhoods in Ghent (Belgium).

The Patershol, freely translated as “Monk’s District”, is a rather small area in the centre of the city of Ghent. It’s the unique leftover of an original medieval enclosure surrounded by small canals and the rivers the Lieve and the Leie.

As it was the Executive Centre in the early 11th century of the County of Flanders, dominated by the still ‘present’ medieval castle and abby’s, it may be considered as the historic birthplace of Europe.

Thanks to a thorough restoration and conservation, one can still wander around in the winding alleys bordered with ancient facades and enjoy the Burgundian lifestyle of the Flemings and the

open — sometimes quirky — spirit of the local community.

This book sketches the historic timeline of an ‘island’ in a city with an endlessly rich culture.