About Philippe Debeerst

La splendeur de la lumière ne peut exister sans ombres"(*)

It is exactly that subtle harmony of light and shadow that accentuates shapes, creates atmosphere, raises emotions, makes textures tangible and lifts up details to their essence.

The continuous quest for the fragile balance between the light, the shadow and the object's soul is what drives Philippe Debeerst constantly. That is what he calls " Writing with light”.

Philippe (*1958) was born in the remote corner of the western part of Flanders. Fascinated by the medium of photography and eager to learn “the métier” he moved to Ghent. More than 35 years ago it was there where he started his own business. Philippe Debeerst acquired large experience in the industrial photography.

At this moment he is mainly being active in the world of publishing, art collections and architecture. His photographs illustrate an important number of books on a wide variety of subjects.

Pál Erdõs, Bruges 

(*) Anonymous Pinhole Photographer

contact mobile: 0032496320057